The Truth

Discworld has become, in recent years, comfort food to me. After I discovered the series in the last few years in college, and subsequently binged on nearly the first half of the series, I moved on to other books; content, I think, to return over the years and work my way through the rest at a more respectable pace.

I think at this point in the Discworld series, the same was probably true of Pratchett himself. The setting of Anhk-Morpork in The Truth has become comfortable, well trodden ground. Characters from previous novels dip in and out like old friends, and the plot shapes up to be a typical Discworld romp. In this case, for the first time Newspaper and modern Journalism comes to the Disc — so the search for The Truth begins.

And, as one the Ankh Morpork Times misspelling-ridden early editions cheerfully proclaims, “The truth shall make you fret.”

I suspect that this novel was written in the wake of Terry watching Pulp Fiction, given the number of references to it specifically peppered here and there. Still, there is little else here that we haven’t seen before in Discworld. If you’re already a fan of Pratchett, here’s another volume that you’d enjoy. If you’re not, there are other places to begin your introduction (most recommend Guards, Guards!). In any case, I liked it quite a bit, which I figured I would going in. Go ahead and pick this one up, if you like.

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