Tales from Earthsea

I made a push at the start of the year to finish the Earthsea series, which meant finally picking up the last few books in the sequence. This particular one, I’m happy to say, continues the high quality I’ve come to expect from anything Le Guin writes. All the stories here serve to push out the boundaries of the setting, exploring its roots and examining (if gently) many of the core pillars of the worldbuilding.

In short, all of these are fantastic entries in the series, and I would recommend any fan pick this up as soon as you can.

The first edition cover, via Wikipedia

(In particular, I would recommend checking out the final tale of the collection, Dragonfly, if only because it further sticks it to the chauvinistic wizards on Roke. It was a guilty pleasure to see them shown up yet again, I must admit).

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