The Rains

Today I released The Rains, a tidy little D&D adventuring toolbox. You can get it here, for $2.99.

The Rains came out of a writing project I began last August based on a friend’s writing prompt: to create an original, micro roleplaying system and setting, top to bottom, in 24 hours.

I didn’t hold strictly to the “original roleplaying system” requirement, since by the time I had written my way to the “rules” section of the project, I had written the setting firmly into Dungeons and Dragons territory. Once I realized this, I apologized to my friend for bending the rules and retooled what I had to fit more explicitly within D&D. What came out the other end was a moody, depressive, atmospheric mini-setting/adventure for D&D that, if it has any genre at all, would most probably nestle comfortably within the caverns of Cosmic Horror.

Then, once the twenty-four hours were up, I saved my Word file and abandoned it, letting it collect dust on my hard drive for the next six months. I stumbled across it recently, and realized it was good enough (in my own opinion) to publish. I added quite a bit of content while I started laying it out for digital publication, so the final product turned out to be about 50% longer than what I’d written for the original prompt.

Here’s the synopsis I put together for it:

The final enemy is hope.

A storm has raged within sight of the Twilit City for generations, never wavering and always slowly advancing. This is no ordinary squall of rain and wind, however; malign intelligence beyond mortal grasp stalks within, toying with the petty lives of adventurers and wanderers as a cat toys with string. None have escaped the city since it descended. This patient, long enduring cataclysm is called by a simple title: the Rains.

Those within the city walls know the truth. These last survivors stand, well and truly, alone. Companionship is fleeting as the bonds of friend and family stretch as thin as the gossamer threads of fragile memory.

Will you discover the mystery at the heart of the Rains, adventurer? Can a mortal mind even comprehend such things? Or, are you doomed to fall to the storm’s steady onslaught, stripped piece by piece of every part of you?

The Rains is a 16-page adventuring toolbox designed for dark atmospheric roleplaying over a brief campaign of about 6-10 four-hour game sessions. It is designed for Tier 2 play in 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, for character levels 5 – 10. Within, you will find a setting set forth in broad strokes, ideas on how to adapt the character creation process to adventuring in the Rains, as well as detailed NPC profiles and random encounter tables for Dungeon Masters.

Happy gaming!

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